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14:30 Jun 24 2009

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China-Nepal Highway reconstruction to be over this year
14:28, June 24, 2009  

A section of the China-Nepal Highway is seen in this undated file photo.(Xinhua Photo)

The China-Nepal Highway is undergoing reconstruction and is expected to complete by the end of the year.

The highway's two stretches--Tingri to Nyalam and Nyalam to Zhangmu are under reconstruction. They are the only two sections yet to be completed within the territory of China. The estimated cost of the two road sections--230 km-- is 800 million yuan RMB.

Upon completion, the highway--linking Tibet's capital Lhasa to Kathmandu, capital of Nepal, will become a "golden routeway" between China and South Asian countries like India and Nepal.

The highway was opened to traffic in 1965. It had been an important passage for trade between China and Nepal. But over the recent years, the trade between China and South Asian countries slowed down due to the old construction of the road, which couldn't keep up with the flow of traffic.

Over the past several years, the Chinese Government has spent a large amount of money to renovate some sections of the highway, such as Lhasa to Quxu, Quxu to Dazhuka and Xigaze to Lhatse, among others.

According to customs statistics of the Zhangmu Port of Entry, it imported and exported 65,900 tons of goods worth 243 million yuan RMB in 2008. Located on the south side of the middle range of Mt. Himalaya, the Zhangmu Port is China's largest open port to South Asia Subcontinent and the gateway to the China-Nepal Highway.

Source: Xinhuanet

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