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17:03 Jun 25 2009

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Teacher at Tibet University invents three-language keyboard
16:59, June 25, 2009  

Now, you don't need to memorize the keys to type in the Tibetan language.

Recently, a special keyboard integrating Tibetan, Chinese and English was invented.

The inventor of the keyboard, Luo Zang, who is a teacher at Tibet University, once participated in setting the standard for the input of Tibetan language, established the first Tibetan language Internet website, and designed the first electronic dictionary combining Tibetan, Chinese and English, and now he has invented the first Tibetan language keyboard.

Luo Zang displays his keyboard.( Photo:

In order to bring Tibetan language into the cyber world and promote the use of computers in Tibet, as a computer scholar he has programmed the keyboard with Tibetan, Chinese and English.

In 2000, his "Luozang Tibetan Language System" became the best choice for seal engraving and doorplate making.

In the same year, he also established the first Tibetan language website in the world: the Tibetan edition of the Tibet University website.

By China Tibet Online

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