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13:20 Jun 29 2009

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First drug rehabilitation center in Tibet to be constructed in Duilongdeqing County
13:13, June 29, 2009  

The Tibet Drug Rehabilitation Center, the first comprehensive drug rehabilitation organization in Tibet, is currently being rapidly constructed in Duilongdeqing County in Lhasa's suburbs. It is expected that the center will be completed in September and put into operation by the end of 2009.

Up to May 30, there were over 700 registered drug addicts in Tibet. However, Tibet does not have a comprehensive drug rehabilitation organization with adequate facilities or management, and therefore can only rehabilitate or punish drug addicts through labor penalties.

When completed, the Tibet Drug Rehabilitation Center, which began construction in March this year, will integrate drug rehabilitation and scientific research, and be able to accommodate 150 drug addicts. Addicts will receive physiological rehabilitation, psychological therapy and job training. This will improve their employment-related skills allowing them to reintegrate into society.

By People's Daily Online

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