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13:30 Jul 03 2009

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Tibet to adopt minimum prices for tourist vehicles from July 15
13:25, July 03, 2009  

Some tourist vehicles are waiting for tourists. (Xinhua Photo)

Starting from July 15, Tibet will adopt minimum protective prices for tourist vehicles in order to stimulate tourism and maintain order in the market.

A consensus was recently reached on the implementation of minimum protective prices for various types of tourist vehicles, following discussions and consultations between representatives from the standing council of the Tibet Travel Agency Association and from tourist transportation operators. According to the consensus, the minimum protective price per kilometer for Toyota off-road vehicles is 3 yuan, for 7 to 22-seat tourist vehicles it is 2.5 yuan, for 23 to 28-seat tourist vehicles it is 2.9 yuan, for 29 to 35-seat tourist vehicles it is 3.5 yuan, and for tourist vehicles with 36 seats or more it is 4.5 yuan.

These are only minimum protective prices, while maximum prices are not regulated but rather subject to market adjustments, said an official from Tibet Tourism Association. The tourism association will ask relevant administrative authorities to seriously crack down on any operational activity quoting lower than minimum protective prices.

By People's Daily Online

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