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13:13 Jul 09 2009

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Two "mobile hospital" medical vehicles to debut in Tibet
10:01, July 09, 2009  

Photo show the mobile medical vehicle, known as the "miblie hospital," being tested in Tibet's No. 2 People's Hospital. (Chinatibetnews Photo)

The two "healthy China mobile hospital" medical vehicles donated by China Health and the Medical Development Foundation have been delivered to Lhasa and Shigatse in Tibet. Because of their advanced equipment, they are known as "mobile hospitals."

A doctor on site opened the door of one of the vehicles, and explained the vehicle's functions to reporters. "The vehicles are equipped with extremely advanced equipment and can provide medical treatment of the same level as that in county-level hospitals."

Reporters learned that the "mobile hospitals" have three areas, comprising a fluoroscopic examination area, a diagnosis area and a routine examination area. They are equipped with an extensive range of equipment including X-ray apparatus, type-B ultrasonic apparatus, a medical film viewing platform, an automatic biochemical analyzer, an obstetrical examination bed, an ultraviolet air sterilization lamp, a deep freezer and air-conditioning. The medical vehicles can match the medical examination and treatment level provided in county-class hospitals. With the exception of major operations, physical examination, medical treatment and childbirth can all be carried out in the vehicles. Each vehicle is worth 1.5 million yuan.

Reporters learned that the "mobile hospitals" will mainly serve the large farming and pastoral regions. The vehicles can be driven to the houses of patients, so farmers and herdsmen will not have to travel long distances to see a doctor. The vehicles will strengthen medical and health services in farming and pastoral regions and improve medical conditions at the grass-roots level.

By People's Daily Online

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