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10:31 Jul 09 2009

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Mt. Qomolangma Tourism Brand promotes developments in Tingri
10:39, July 09, 2009  

Photo shows some tourists from Guangdong taking pictures on the Mt. Qomolangma. (Xinhua Photo)

Mt. Qomolangma famous for its magnificent scenes is attracting more and more tourists at home and abroad. Tingri County makes use of the north slope of Mt. Qomolangma to develop local tourism, economy and enrich Tibetan's life.

Tingri County pays attention to develop the related tourism products and lines and makes great efforts to construct tourist facilities. Along the 318 National Highway, two eco-friendly toilets have been built up in Rgyatso and Gangga, billboards and road signs have been installed in the main tourist attractions. Star-evaluation management system has been used among the family style hotels. A variety of forms of the training activities about tourism services have been introduced for local Tibetans and increase the employment rates.

Besides, handicraft industry including traditional silver processing, hand-weaving, Tibetan painting, Thangka making is also developing fast in Tingri County with helping local Tibetans increase their incomes.

Source: China Tibet Information Center

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