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10:33 Jul 09 2009

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Tibet develops public utilities in rural areas
10:41, July 09, 2009  

Since the beginning of this year, the Tibet Autonomous Region has focused on developing public utilities such as compulsory education, culture and sanitation and has achieved great results.

Tibet has put 265 million yuan in constructing boarding schools in 93 junior high schools and invested 22.65 million yuan in building culture stations in rural areas and radios as well as televisions are entering into each village.

The social assistance system in Tibet's rural areas is strengthened too. For example, Tibet is building more nursing houses and each low-income rural man can get 20 yuan of subsidies against the rising prices.

To ensure the rural people's health, this year Tibet boosts four medical systems including the public health service, the medical treatment service, the medical insurance and drugs supply guarantee. 15 million yuan has been invested in building clinics in townships and special fund is allocated for serious diseases such as the iodine deficiency and cataract.

Tibet promotes employment and social insurance according to policies concerned and the employment rate has been improved.

Housing projects for rural people is being quickened on the basis of having completed houses for 860,000 people from 172,000 households. It is expected that 80% rural people can live in comfortable houses one year ahead of the Eleventh Five Year Plan (2005-2010), which is to build houses for 219,800 households.

(1 USD equals about 6.83 yuan.)

Source: China Tibet Information Center

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