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16:58 Jul 13 2009

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Tibet Autonomous Region starts to recruit college students on July 13
17:06, July 13, 2009  

A reporter learnt from the Education Examination Authority of Tibet Autonomous Region that Tibet will start to recruit college students on July 13. At present, all preparations are being made.

An official from Education Examination Authority of Tibet Autonomous Region told the reporter that according to the region's situation, there are four stages for recruitment; certain students will be recruited in advance, undergraduates will be recruited in the first and second phases and junior college students in the third phase. Detailed schedule is as follows:
Schedule for recruitment in advance: undergraduate students will be recruited between July 13 and July 15, and junior college students between July 16 and July 18. Colleges and universities offering recruitment in advance include the following: Tsinghua University, Peking University, China Youth University for Political Sciences, and Beijing Electronic Science and Technology Institute, as well as colleges, universities and departments offering military, public security, justice, sports, and arts courses.

Schedule for recruitment in the first phase: Between July 20 and July 22. Recruiting universities include key universities, colleges and universities of the "211 project" and other universities listed in the first phase recruitment in accordance with relevant regulations.

Schedule for recruitment in the second phase: Between July 26 and July 28 for regular colleges and universities offering undergraduate degrees.

Schedule for recruitment in the third phase: Between August 10 and August 12 for junior colleges.

Besides, officials from Tibet Education and Examination Authority said that if candidates or their parents have any questions during this period, they can call the advisory hotline: 0891-6361205. or for complaints call: 0891-6323304, 0891-6332059, 0891-6363572.

Reporters also learned that the online application for regular institutions of higher learning ended 12:00 pm, July 5. In order to safeguard candidates' legal rights and interests and ensure the fairness of collecting candidates' applications, during the four recruitment stages, Tibet Autonomous Region will publish notices to re-collect applications from candidates for institutions with insufficient applications on the website of Tibet Education and Examination Authority.

By People's Daily Online

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