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15:32 Jul 14 2009

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Grandpa Chodron's New Datcha
15:38, July 14, 2009  

Grandpa Tsiren Chodron, 81 years old, is moving into new 2-story home of 380 sq m with her family. Tsiren Chodron’s family are living in Sungri County,Shannan Prefecture. (Chinatibetnews Photo)

Since the Comfortable Housing Project (the housing project for low-income families) was launched in Tibet Autonomous Region, which enables about 870,000 farmers and herdsmen to move into safe, clean and cozy affordable houses, living conditions of Tibetan people have been significantly improved.

The comfortable housing project not only moves households away from deep mountain valleys, but also solves the problem of endemic diseases that has burdened Tibetans for years.

Aiming to develop not only comfortable housing but also to improve the lifestyle of Tibetan farmers and herdsmen, the government of Nyingchi Prefecture consistently takes the "apply lives" as the aim while fulfilling its comfortable housing project. On one hand, the locations of comfortable housing are being turned into tourist attractions.

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