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10:38 Jul 17 2009

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Mangkam chili really 'hot'
10:37, July 17, 2009  

(Chinatibetnews Photo)

Mangkam County, Chamdo Prefecture develops chili-planting industry as a new distinguishing feature. Producing bases have been built in the county with some example enterprises providing impetus. By now, the Mangkam chili has become a black horse in Tibetan market, bringing more income for local people.

Effective industrial restructuring in Tibet has been closely connected with the development of the highland specialty economy. Based on the region's actual conditions, Tibet vigorously developed a market-oriented economy with plateau features, making it a major supporting sector in the entire economy of the region. Especially the agriculture, with its products exported to other parts of the country as well as overseas, the sector has also become a pillar industry with unique regional features.

Tibet makes greater efforts to develop industries with highland characteristics, such as tourism, traditional medicine, plateau biological and green beverages, farm and animal products, ethnic handicrafts and mineral products. These will contribute to the accelerated adjustment, optimization and upgrading of the region's industrial structure, thus fundamentally enhancing Tibet's self-development capability.

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