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10:20 Aug 06 2009

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Tibet's biggest water-related project launched
10:20, August 06, 2009  

Construction of a large water-related project in Tibet has been launched recently. Once completed, the total reservoir storage capacity will be 1.17 billion cubic meters and the installed capacity of the power station will reach 120,000 kilowatts.

As a key project during the 11th Five-Year Plan period in the Tibet Autonomous Region, the total investment amounts to 4.3 billion yuan (629 million U.S. dollars). The construction period is six years.

Located in Pangduo, 63 kilometers from Lhasa, the project is the largest water-related program in Tibet.

It is in the middle section of the Lhasa River and is the key project on the river. The area of the project covers four counties and one district. The irrigation area reaches 670,000 mu (or 111,670 acres).

By People's Daily Online

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