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14:37 Sep 02 2009

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10,000 Tibetan students in Sichuan to receive free education
14:36, September 02, 2009  

Starting in September, 10,000 Tibetan students in Tibetan-inhabited areas in southwest China's Sichuan Province will be enrolled and enjoy free education in secondary vocational schools.

The students will mostly study in the cities of Chengdu, Luzhou and Deyang in Sichuan. Of the 80 schools that are to receive the students, 47 are key schools at the national level and the rest are at the provincial level.

By taking the characteristics of the Tibetan students and the prospect of their employment into consideration, a total of 68 majors were open for enrollment.

Meanwhile, the students will be exempt from 2,000 yuan (292.8 U.S. dollars) in tuition each year. They will also be offered 3,000 yuan (439.2 dollars) in living subsidies in the first two years of their study and 1,500 yuan (219.6 dollars) in the third year.

At the same time, they will also receive 1,500 yuan (219.6 dollars) annually to cover their transportation, accommodation and textbooks expenses.

This is the first year that the Sichuan Provincial Government offers free education to kids from Sichuan's Tibetan-inhabited areas, said Pan Yu, spokesman for the Sichuan Provincial Education Department.

According to the plan, from this year to 2013, the local government will send 10,000 students each year to other parts of China for vocational education. The work to make senior middle school education universal in Tibetan-inhabited areas will be sped up, with the ratio of junior middle school graduates entering senior middle schools reaching 95 percent.

Source: Xinhuanet

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