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14:52 Sep 16 2009

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Guestbook in Kesong exhibition gallery
14:51, September 16, 2009  

A journalist from is leaving a note on the guestbook. (China Tibet Information Center Photo)

On September 15, reporters of "the third Tibet tour for China's key web media" visited Kesong village, the 1st village for Tibet's democratic reform.

When arriving in the history exhibition gallery of Kesong village, journalists were attracted by the guestbook full of visitors' messages with best wishes on the table. Photos in the gallery tell the true life of the local people 50 years ago and it is the democratic reform that leads the villagers to happy life.

Kelzang Tsering, a villager, told the reporter: "I feel proud as a villager in Kesong village. My ancestors had suffered here but nowadays my children and I live happily. I believe the village's future will be even better."

Source: China Tibet Information Center

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