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12:36 Sep 19 2009

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Returned oversea Tibetan satisfied with late years in Tibet
12:35, September 19, 2009  

Dressed in a blue shirt and sport suit, vigorous and riant, you can hardly believe this Tibetan gentleman is 70-something. He is Jueguo Yeshe Paldan, a returned oversea Tibetan who spent 28 years in Switzerland and returned to Tibet when he was 57 years old.

At a well-decorated and roomy Tibetan houses, the Tibetan elder said he cherished his happy life in Tibet where the society is stable and economy is growing.

In 1967, Jueguo migrated to Switzerland and can only earn a living as a laborer. Once worked in a paper-making factory, the Siemens Group and as a nurse attendant for 11 years, he lived a relatively decent life in his later period in Switzerland.

However, Jueguo always suffered from homesickness. It was in 1984 when China started the opening-up policy, Jueguo went back to Lhasa after years' preparation despite he was told that life in Tibet was hard and can not be equated with that in Switzerland.

"Great changes have taken place in Lhasa," Jueguo said he can not believe his eyes when seeing a new and developed Tibet. The region where people enjoy equal treatment is gradually taking up, and people have freedom to choose their religion belief.

In 1994, Jueguo came back to Lhasa to settle down. Till then, he had left his motherland for 35 years.

Jueguo finds many changes after returning. "I can call my daughters who are in Switzerland at any times and places, even the rickshaw driver has a mobile phone. It is impossible in old Tibet. Tibetan people are enjoying the freedom of religion belief. I take ritual walk every morning and spend five hours in doing exercise."

Jueguo said he travelled abroad every two years.

In 1997, Jueguo was elected as member of the People's Political and Consultative Congress of Tibet. As a member of the CPPCC, many of his proposals, which mainly focus on environment and education, were accepted.

As a returned oversea Tibetan, Jueguo thinks the new Tibet is hard to come by. He said: "We should cherish the life with ethnic unity and social stability and work for the prosperity of the motherland."

Source:China Tibet Information Center

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