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09:50 Sep 23 2009

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Optical fiber cable reaches China's last county of no fiber
09:50, September 23, 2009  

China on Monday launched an optical fiber cable transmission project in the country's last county without fiber, Medog in Tibet, ending the county's isolation with the outside world.

Medog started to launch services of 3G and wireless broadband with the newly-operated fiber to upgrade the surfers' environment.

The sparsely populated Medog, which means "lotus flower" in the Tibetan language, has about 10,000 inhabitants, mostly in rural areas. It is the last of the country's 2,100 counties to be connected via a highway and fiber.

As expected, a highway will link this remote county with the outside world within three years and till then, the demand for optical fiber cable transmission will be further increased.

This year, the central government has invested over 30 million yuan for the optical fiber cable transmission project in Medog of Nyingchi, southeastern Tibet.

Source: China Tibet Information Center

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