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10:09 Sep 23 2009

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Yarlung Tsangpo tourism festival to open in mid-Oct
10:08, September 23, 2009  

Photo taken on Sept. 20, 2007, shows tourists visiting the Midui Glacier scenic spot in southeast Tibet's Nyingchi Prefecture. (Xinhua Photo)

The fifth Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Valley Cultural Tourism Festival is set to open in Bome County, southeast Tibet's Nyingchi Prefecture, on Oct. 13.

The event will also draw the curtain for "traveling to Tibet in winter."

Bome County, known as the "home to glaciers," has China's most beautiful glacier -- Midui Glacier, most beautiful forest -- Gangxiang spruce and most beautiful parkway -- the Bome section of No. 318 National Route.

"Bome holds a folk cultural festival annually and it is located at a lower altitude of 2,700 meters with an agreeable climate. That's why it has been chosen for this year's festival," said Yang Yongjian, director of the Office of the Tourism Bureau of Nyingchi Prefecture.

During the six-day festival, there will be bonfire parties and traditional dance performances every night. Various cultural and sports activities will also be held, for example, folk art performance, ethnic costume display, horse racing and archery show.

Also launched on the opening day will be the project to promote tourism in Tibet in winter.

Nyingchi, with the opening of new scenic spots, had attracted about 806,000 tourists by the end of August, up 191 percent year on year. Its tourism revenue came to 600 million yuan, a 272 percent increase.

Source: Tibet Business

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