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13:35 Sep 25 2009

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Medog Folk Custom Festival to boost tourism industry
13:33, September 25, 2009  

The scenery of Medog (China Tibet Information Center Photo)

The Medog county of Nyingchi prefecture will hold the 2nd Medog Folk Custom Festival including tradtional dancing, games and needfire gala on October 8, 2009 and the festival is expected to boost tourism in Medog.

According to Fen Zhiping, minister of the Promotion Department of Medog county, the Medog Folk Custom Festival aims to make more people know about Medog.

The 1st Medog Folk Custom Festival (China Tibet Information Center Photo)

As it is difficult to arrive in Medog, the county is dubbed as "an isolated island in the plateau". However, after the operation of the Zhamog-Medog Highway which started reconstruction on April 20, 2009 with 950 million yuan from the central government, Medog will welcome new development potential.

The tourism in Medog has bright future because it boasts rare species of plants, animals and its attractions such as Namjiagbarwa Peak and Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon are amazing.

In September, 2008, Medog county held the 1st Medog Folk Custom Festival and attracted many local people and tourists.

(1 USD equals about 6.83 yuan.)

Source: China Tibet Information Center

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