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13:49 Sep 25 2009

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'Qinghai-Tibet Railway' embodied in Chinese dictionary 'Cihai'
13:44, September 25, 2009  

The most authoritative and renowned dictionary of the Chinese language "Cihai", or "sea of words", has published its sixth edition ahead of National Day.

The new edition will be available for sale in major Chinese cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Lhasa during the National Day holiday.

New word "Qinghai-Tibet Railway" has been embodied in this edition.

"It comes as no surprise as the Qinghai-Tibet Railawy is a road leading to well-off life of Tibetan people, it is frequently used in students' compositions," said Dekyi, a teacher of Lhasa NO.1 Middle School.

The new edition has more than 127,200 entries and over 16,000 pictures. Seven thousand outdated or rarely used terms have been removed and about 12,300 new ones have been added.

Also included in the new eiditon are some new items reflecting the development and achievement in the last 60 years of China, such as National Stadium (bird's nest), National Aquatics Center (water cube) and Shenzhou spacecraft.

Source: China Tibet Information Center

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