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13:57 Sep 25 2009

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Nyingchi captures 600 mln tourism income in first eight months
13:48, September 25, 2009  

From January to August, Nyingchi in southeastern Tibet has achieved 600 million yuan tourism income, according to Nyingchi Tourism Bureau.

Wang Jun, director of Nyingchi Tourism Bureau said, Nyingchi has received 806,700 tourists from home and abroad in the first eight months since the prefecture pays special attention to the development of characteristic tourism resources.

Up to now, Nyingchi has recommended a group of scenic spots such as the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, Basum Lake, Klu gling, Midui Glacier, Nanyi Gully Folk Culture Garden, Yigong National Geological Park and etc as well as some featured travel routes for peachblossom, forest and red leaves.

A compound travel zone will be built within five years to offer services like travel, leisure, holiday, expedition, photograph, drifting, hiking, self-driving and skiing.

Taking many "mosts" in China, Nyingchi has the most beautiful canyon, the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon; the most wonderful peak, the Namjiagbarwa peak; the most fantastic waterfall, the Padong Waterfall in east Tibet and the most splendid glacier, the Midui Glacier.

Source: China Tibet Information Center

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