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11:53 Sep 30 2009

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LRS expected to service 30,000 passengers in upcoming golden week
09:40, September 27, 2009  

Lhasa Railway Station is expected to service about 30,000 passengers during the "National Day" golden week, and may usher in a peak of out-Tibet passenger flow on November 6-8, sources from Jia Nailin, deputy chief of the station.

Presently, Lhasa Railway Station transports 2,300 out-of-Tibet passengers per day, with an avarage seating rate of 80%; while its daily reception of passenger arrivals is 2,400, 30% of which are tourists.

In a bid to ensure the safety of its passengers and smooth operation, Lhasa Railway Station has laid down a transportion plan of the "National Day" holidy to strengthen the organization of tickets selling and passenger transportion. Meanwhile, prevention and management plan of unexpected incidents were also highlighted.

"The ticket booking in Lhasa Railway Station is stable, without sharp increase.The tickets from Tibet to any other cities are easy to get, except for the tickets to Chengdu, which shall be booked 5 days in advance." said Jia Nailin.

"According to the ticket booking, it is estimated that the number of out-of-Tibet passengers will not see a substantial rise during the holiday, while the passenger arrivals will up to a certain extent." Jia added.

Source: China Tibet Information Center

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