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10:04 Oct 10 2009

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List of World Intangible Cultural Heritage adds two Tibetan members
10:02, October 10, 2009  

The List of World Intangible Cultural Heritage currently welcomed two new members from China's Tibet Autonomous Region.

Inscribed into the list are Tibetan opera and the Epic of King Gesar.
The Epic of King Gesar, believed to be about 1,000 years old, is considered the longest heroic epic in the world.

Hailed as "the living fossil of traditional Tibetan culture", Tibetan opera, also called Ace Lhamo in Tibetan, is an ancient art form that has developed over the centuries. It is an art form that combines folk dance and vocal performance.

Tibetan opera reflects the Tibetan people's life from various periods. The famous eight great Tibetan opera classics like Princess Wencheng, Drowa Sangmo and Prince Nuosang are widely popularized in Sichuan, Gansu and Qinghai Tibetan-inhabited areas.

Tibetan opera, like other traditional culture, encounters obstacles in inheriting and developing, with impact from modernization and globalization.

According to an expert engaged in folk art research with the Tibetan opera being inscribed into the List, a high-profile worldwide attention on this ancient art form will be paid.

Take this opportunity, Tibet plans to produce a documentary about Tibetan opera and publish it worldwide in a move to boost the preservation of this great art form.

Moreover, the preparation for Tibetan medicine and Tibetan calendar to apply for UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List will soon start.

The Regong Art of Qinghai Province has also been inscribed into the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

Source: China Tibet Information Center

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