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15:28 Oct 20 2009

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Tibetan "bachelors" and "spinsters" feel marriage pressure
15:26, October 20, 2009  

The marriage problem for “bachelors” and “spinsters” in Lhasa has evoked heated discussion in recent years.

Women are the majority among the unmarried

Nizhen, a 29 year old woman, said she has at least six unmarried friends. Among these unmarried people above the normal age for marriage, females number more than males.

In Lhasa, there are no such organizations specialized in the statistic work of unmarried people. The reporter jumps to this conclusion according to his random interviews and also searching data from “” and “”.

“High criteria” spoils chances

Miss Sun began working in Lhasa in 2005. She has a decent job and high income. Now she has her own house and car, but she is still searching for an appropriate boyfriend. Sun said she doesn’t care whether he is rich or poor; she just wants a person who shares a common language with her.

There are many people who share similar aspirations with Miss Sun. They just want their partners to better in one aspect. However, this “better” standard keeps many qualified men out of the running.

Poor social relationships make marriage hard

More people are addicted to the Internet after their work which leads to their having poor social relationships.

The living conditions have changed as have people’s notions in choosing their be-loved. Although people in Lhasa have a slower pace of life and less competition pressure than those in other parts of China, people still have to face the pressure that comes with their life and work. As a result, many have poor social relationships and finding the right person has become more difficult.

Matrimonial agencies bankrupted because of no business

We can still find some matrimonial agencies in Lhasa. However, because most of their clients are young men and old men, there are little middle aged men or women; the success rate is very low. These agencies have to close.

Take the advantage of the Internet

More people prefer to find their partners through the Internet. As the reporter checked “” and “” yesterday, there were thousands of information posts about Tibetan unmarried youth above the normal age for marriage. Some people even publicized their information on several websites.

By People's Daily Online

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