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14:40 Oct 30 2009

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Feature: yesterday's poor boy, today's successful entrepreneur
13:18, October 27, 2009  

In a mountainous area in Nyangri Township, Lhasa, Tibet, there is a man who used to be known far and wide for his dire poverty, but now he is the owner of the Jinniu Digital Gas Station in Lhasa City. His name is Lhodan.

Thanks to the preferential policies of the Communist Party of China, as well as his own painstaking efforts, Lhodan has not only become a successful entrepreneur, but also has been leading his fellow villagers onto the path of prosperity.

Lhodan was born into an ordinary farmer's family in Nyangri Township, Lhasa, in 1966. The family has ten children and he is the fourth. When he was 14, he dropped out of school because his family could no longer afford his schooling.

To make money in support of his family, Lhodan joined the Nyangri Folks Arts Troupe and soon became popular for his talents in acting, singing and dancing.

Photo shows Lhodan, general manager of the Jinniu Digital Gas Station in Lhasa, capital of Tibet Autonomous Region. (Photo:

In 1980, despite his promising future in performing, Lhodan quit his job in the troupe. With a small loan for rural poverty reduction, he bought a hand tractor, which was rare in then rural Tibet. He then engaged in transportation services.

He carried goods with his small tractor in all weathers, and has experienced a lot of hardships. Not long after he repaid his loan and bought seven trucks, and succeeded in mobilizing his fellow villagers to provide transportation services.

The opening-up and reform policy has accelerated Lhodan's fortune accumulation. In the early 1990s, he became a taxi driver in Lhasa and owned three taxicabs. But again, he didn't stop where he had had, and had a digital gas station built at a cost of nearly one million yuan.

Now his station employs 120 people, and has fixed assets worth 80 million yuan, making Lhodan a successful farmer-turned entrepreneur in Lhasa.

Later, Lhodan spent 20 million yuan building another two big gas stations and a petroleum storage facility in Nyangri and Gongbo'gyamda County in Nyingchi Prefecture. The annual turnover of those facilities reached 40 million yuan.

It is amazing to have made such an achievement for a farmer. Without his daring spirit or arduous persistence, he would not have been so successful.

As a CPC member, he feels grateful to the Party and obligated to help more people to become prosperous. In the township of Nyangri, everyone refers Lhodan as a "kindhearted, sweet and honest guy."

As early as when Lhodan undertook transportation services, he helped 14 young people from poor families learn how to drive, and found jobs for another 9.

Every year he donates money to schools, homes for the aged, the county and township governments, neighborhood committees, poverty-reduction agencies, and social welfare organizations.

After the May 12 earthquake happened in Sichuan last year, Lhodan donated 100,000 yuan to the quake-affected victims. Since 2002, he has donated an estimated one million yuan, a lion's share of which has gone to education.

Lhodan said that discontinuing schooling because of poverty is a life-long regret for him. Having been in business deals for years, he has come to realize the paramount importance of education. His greatest wish and anticipation are to make as great contributions as he can to the development of basic education in his hometown, and help more poor kids realize their dream of receiving a good education.

Source: Xinhuanet

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