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14:30 Oct 30 2009

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Internal strife pierces Dalai's nonviolent resistance
15:14, October 28, 2009  

The Dalai Lama, during a visit to Slovakia and Czechoslovakia, said he came here as the winner of a Nobel Peace Prize to discuss human rights, religious freedom and freedom of speech, according to reports from "Associated Press" and "Agence France Presse" on September 10,

Actually, the Dalai always proclaims to support the advancement of peace and has repeatedly declared himself as nonviolent. Is this the truth? If you take a careful observation, you may find that his actions always contradict his words.

For example, he keeps proclaiming that he promotes "harmonious religion", while implementing the brutal religious persecution of Dorje Shugden's fellows. When he held a Buddhist meeting at the end of August, he asked Dorje Shugden's fellows to leave.

But Buddhism's "Nirvana sutra" declares that all living things have the Buddhist-nature in the Dharmakaya. The "Big Nirvana sutra" also advocates prisoners may achieve Buddhahood. These Buddhism religious doctrines all emphasize that Buddhism must teach all comers without discrimination.

The Dalai is the religious leader of Gelug Sect, and he is certainly clear of these doctrines. But his attitude towards Dorje Shugden's fellows completely shows his special intention, which reflects his tyranny, as well as the pretense of his religious harmony and nonviolent resistance.

People can see clearly from the Dalai's attitude towards Rebiya Kadeer that his "peace" and "nonviolence" are both excuses.

After causing nearly 200 innocent people's deaths during the "7.5" violent terrorism event, the Dalai, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, only made a simple statement, which didn't condemn the violent event, but obliquely called Xinjiang "East Turkistan", implying his support of Rebiya Kadeer.
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