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14:38 Oct 30 2009

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Charity summit benefits Qinghai's Tibetan orphans
09:47, October 29, 2009  

The first China Philanthropy Network Summit will be held next Friday at the Chateau 599 Boutique Lifestyle Center in Shanghai.

The event will award "10 benefactors of the year" on the charity night, followed by a charity auction.

Part of the donations collected from the auction will be used to help orphans in the Tibetan areas of Qinghai Province go back to school.

"The value of today's entrepreneurs and wealthy people in China has changed tremendously," says Grace Ban from the event's organizing committee. "Wealth is not only a symbol for social status but also an indispensable part of their life.

"To promote a healthy and ecological life as well as to drive China's charity causes have gradually become mainstream and part of these elites' social responsibilities, which is exactly what this charity night is supposed to do," she says.

Source: Shanghai Daily

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