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09:52 Oct 29 2009

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Cable TV services availble in Sichuan's Tibetan-inhabited area
09:49, October 29, 2009  

Cable TV service is now accessible to 10,000 residents in Daocheng County and 200,000 non-permanent people in Shangti-la Town, Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, according to Sichuan Daily.

The service has been made possible with the completion of the construction of an optic-fiber cable network.

About 75 km from Daocheng County Seat, the town of Shangri-la is the terminal and reception center for tourists visiting the Yading scenic spot and the Shangri-la Eco-Tourism Zone.

To speed up the development of the county's tourism industry and the extension of the industrial chain, the Daocheng County Government invested 800,000 yuan RMB in building an optic-fiber cable network connecting the county seat to Shangri-la Town.

Pengcuo, a resident of the Xiayong Village, Shangri-la Town, said, "It is so wonderful that now we have access to cable TV programs. Besides some 30 common channels, we can also watch CCTV's encoded programs."

"The TV programs enable me to learn not only more about the outside world, but also some farming skills and techniques," he added.

Ayang Luorong, another villager, said he used to be content with being a trekking guide, but now with the availability of various TV programs at his home, he decorated and turned his house into a tourism resort combining Tibetan ethnic characteristics and modern facilities and is now ready to receive tourists.

Source: Xinhuanet

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