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14:38 Oct 30 2009

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Tibetan girl opens first "Tibet Bar" in Chongqing
13:58, October 29, 2009  

The boss, a beautiful Tibetan girl dances in her bar.

The only "Tibet Bar" in Chongqing, named "Pure Land Tibet Bar", was opened recently. All the staff, including the boss herself, are from Tibet. Every night, Tibetan girls will perform bright Tibetan dances on stage, and dedicate Khatags to customers.

Apart from common drinks, characteristic Tibetan drinks are also offered in the bar such as famous chang and buttered tea. And all the decorations in it are either delivered from Tibet, or made by Tibetan craftsmen.

The boss, a beautiful post-80s Tibetan girl, said: "The reason that I would like to run such a 'Tibet Bar' in Chongqing is to try and introduce the traditional, warm Tibetan Tibet to everyone."

By People's Daily Online

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