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15:45 Nov 14 2009

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Asia Times: Dalai aims at improving concerns by catching in Sino-Indian border issue
15:40, November 14, 2009  

What does Dalai Lama based on to accept India's territorial sovereignty to Tawang (which called Arunachal Pradesh by India)? Is Dalai Lama an acknowledged political ruler of Tibet? Does he own Tibet and even can present the whole or part of Tibet to India or someone else? All these questions are still in dispute. India never demurs at China's sovereignty to Tibet, therefore, India is needless to impose Dalai in politics to accept Tawang as part of India.

Catching in the border issue between China and India can promote his political popularity and places himself in, maybe, world's most sensitive territory issue. However, Dalai's intervention to Tawang further complicates the border dispute between China and India. And India knows that solving the border issue also means further weaken Dalai's political ambition towards Tibet.

In the short term, the intervention of Dalai probably gives some help to India, but for a long term, to the border issue can be only solved without Dalai Lama. So does it for the Dalai Lama. There maybe some short-term benefit by throwing himself into the knotty problem, but for mid-to-long-term, it will weaken his status in China, India and even the whole world as there is no one indeed supporting his political claim and of course, there will be no one supporting him to cede Tawang or any other part of Tibet.

To China, it seems that the most advantaged political stand is the current standpoint: downplaying Dalai's effect in India and thinking less of his action to depress his political value in the negotiation of Sino-India border. And finally, this game is likely to harm Dalai's career and early or late and by any possibility, he will be the altar sacrifice for the pacification of Pan-Asia.

Source: Asia Times

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