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15:45 Nov 14 2009

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Scholar: Tibetans object to foreigners' misunderstanding of modernization in Tibet
15:42, November 14, 2009  

U.S. President Barack Obama will start his three-day visit to China from Nov.15 to 18. Journalists from currently interviewed Jin Canrong, noted Chinese scholar as well as deputy head of the School of International Studies, Remin University of China, on Obama's historical visit and Dalai Lama's role in relationship between China and the US.

Prof. Jin Canrong held it was difficult for the US to take positive actions towards Dalai and "Tibet issue". The reasons for western people to support Dalai are complicated and can be divided into four types.

I、Strategist. The strategists merely regard Dalai as a "card" to hinder China regardless of their real attitude towards Dalai. They may totally disagree with Dalai's religious philosophy and status as a religion leader. Those people belong to typical clod-war mentality and it is very hard to change their minds. With the growing of China, the US will have less cards in hand—Dalai is one of the cards, which they are unwilling to throw away.

II、People who have prejudice against "Tibet issue" as well as China's policy. They are western centralisms, who started keep a close eye on Tibet some 100 years ago. Germany and America became interested in Tibet following British. During that period, a special western style "Tibet concept" was formed—thinking Tibet is not a part of China, but an independent nation. Such concept was derived from "nation state" in western countries—that is a standard country should have only one nationality and it is wrong to gather many nationalities in one country. Of course, it sounds unreasonable. They distilled the concept in their modern history. It has nothing to do with the clod-war mentality, which existed before and after the cold war.

III、Post-modern racist. The westerners live well which promotes a review of modernization. They realize it is the modernization leads to the alienation of human nature, thus establishing the lonely crowd. Post-modern racists come after malady of modernization. They are used to beautifying Tibet, assuming the original appearance of Tibet is the best and regarding China's supports to boost development of Tibet after the founding of the People's Republic of China as a crime. In fact, any government with a sense of responsibility will carry out modernization programs. According to law of social development, some cultural elements will disappear in the course of modernization. It isn't a political matter.

However, those post-modern racist blamed it on the Communist Party of China. Actually, Dalai himself approves the modernization in Tibet and the running of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. I went to Tibet last year. I knew that some Tibetan cadres were objecting to idea of post-modern racist—the foreigners who just go sightseeing in Tibet for a week easily definition that we should live in the pro-modern society, a state like animal. They deprive us of the rights of modernization as well as our human rights, don't they? Actually, most of the Tibetan people wish to live in the modern society after they received the modern education. This phenomenon is very universal. The post-modern racists think we can't launch the modernization. They blame the Communist Party of China, but actually they deny the rights of Tibetan people. It is 40 degrees below zero centigrade, Tibetan people live in tents while the westerners stay in decent houses with heating system, listening to music.

IV: The middle class in the western countries. They are not bad, but just have little understandings about Tibet. They have a prejudice in Tibet issue and China influenced by the mainstream western media.

So we can easily know that including the US, there are four kinds of people mentioned above with prejudice in China for the Tibet issue. It's hard to change the attitude of the first kind of people, and their attitude may even get worse while it is hopeful for the last kind of people to get some change.

Source:China Tibet Information Center

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