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10:37 Nov 16 2009

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Central Gov't raises subsidy for students in Tibet again
10:33, November 16, 2009  

China's Central Government has raised the subsidy for students in primary and junior middle schools in Tibet for the eighth time since 1988, according to Tibet Business.

As of Nov. 1, the subsidy for primary school students rose from 1,300 yuan to 1,750 yuan per person per year, with 1,600 yuan for food expenses, and 150 yuan for clothes and school supplies.

Pupils smile in front of the camera on the playground of the Haicheng Primary School in Chengguan District, downtown Lhasa, capital of Tibet. (Photo:

The subsidy for junior middle school students grew from 1,450 yuan to 1, 850 yuan per person annually, with 1,650 yuan for food expenses, and 200 yuan for clothes and stationery.

Pupils in border townships and counties will receive a subsidy of 1,850 yuan each annually, compared to the previous 1,400 yuan; junior middles school students in those townships and counties will be offered a 1,950 yuan subsidy each per year, 400 yuan more than before.

China's Central Government began in 1985 to introduce the boarding school system in the rural and grazing areas in Tibet. Since then the government had paid food, boarding and studying expenses for farmers and herders' children in those schools.

Source: Xinhuanet

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