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11:21 Nov 16 2009

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Tibet compensates residents for losses caused by wildlife disturbance
11:18, November 16, 2009  

The Tibet Autonomous Regional Government and related departments have spent ten million yuan RMB compensating for losses caused by wildlife disturbance in 2009.

Surveys show that thanks to the achievements Tibet has made in building nature reserves, the population of wildlife in the region has shot up by at least 30 percent compared to 20 years ago.

Along with the increase in the population and activity of wild animals, trouble and disturbance caused by them has Related:
Take the Shuanghu Special Zone in the world's largest nature reserve -- the Changtang Nature Reserve -- for example. In the past ten years, losses suffered by the local people from wildlife activities are estimated at one million yuan.

In recent years, wild yaks and brown bears have been becoming more and more active and disturbing in northern Tibet such as Ngari and Nagqu prefectures, while activities of snow leopards, brown bears, and wolves have become more frequent in central areas of Tibet such as Shannan and Xigaze.

Source: Xinhua

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