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14:58 Nov 16 2009

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All monasteries in Gansu's Gannan have electricity
14:55, November 16, 2009  

All the 121 monasteries in Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, southwestern Gansu Province, have access to electricity as the Xicang Monastery in the prefecture was supplied with electricity on Friday.

Now all the prefecture's 9,000 Tibetan Buddhist monks bade farewell to the days when butter lamps or candles were used for lighting.

A Tibetan living near the Xicang Monastery said excitedly, "Learning that the monastery is to have electricity from today, we came here early in the morning. Now with electricity, we can watch TV. We thank the power company."

As the electricity circuits in some monasteries were built in the 1960s or 1970s, some have deteriorated, thus causing the instability in power supply. Some monasteries did not even have access to a power grid.

The project to build or upgrade electricity circuits in the monasteries, undertaken by the Gansu Provincial Power Company, started in August and was completed in early November.

Four monasteries were supplied with electricity for the first time and the aging circuits in 51 monasteries were upgraded.

The power company also built a 16.82 km-long circuit with a transmission capacity of 10 KV and a 2.66 km-long one of 0.4 KV. At the same time, it upgraded a circuit of 10 KV measuring 17.01 km and one of 0.4 kv of 60.62 km.

Meanwhile, the company also donated about 30,000 yuan to those monks who could not afford the 200 yuan for the installation fee for ammeters.

Source: Xinhuanet

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