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13:29 Nov 20 2009

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Lhasa's sewage plant to start operation in 2011
13:23, November 20, 2009  

The sewage treatment project of the Lhasa Beer Brewery. (Xinhua Photo)

The first sewage treatment plant in Lhasa, capital of Tibet, will go into operation in 2011, according to the Lhasa City Construction Bureau.

Construction of the plant was part of the city's move to improve its water resource environment and spur on its modernization.

An official of the bureau said, "The plan for the project has been approved by related departments and we are inviting tenders."

Upon completion, the plant will treat all the sewage from the old town and the development zone in the city.

Located in Lhasa's Economic and Technological Development Zone, the plant is designed to dispose of 50,000 tons of sewage every day in the short term and 100,000 tons eventually.

Source: Xinhua

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