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16:44 Nov 27 2009

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Standards for Tibetan-style furniture issued
16:40, November 27, 2009  

Tibet's Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau has recently formulated standards on Tibetan-style furniture, to ensure the quality of the traditional furniture and avoid arbitrations and trade dispute between sellers and consumers.

The Universal Technical Norms on Tibetan-style furniture stipulate the technical terms, definitions for the furniture, means of testing, procedures and rules for check-up, instructions for use, symbols, standards for package and transportation, storage.

According to the regulations, the norms can be applied to Tibetan-style furniture, such as Tibetan beds, Tibetan cabinets and tea tables used by Tibetans.

Compared with other types of furniture, Tibetan furniture is mostly engraved with patterns as dragons, weird animals, leaves or bamboo and painted in colors. Most are made of solid lumber or boards.

Source: Tibet Daily

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