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08:28 Dec 04 2009

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French official hails Tibet's remarkable progress
17:04, December 03, 2009  

A delegation from China's Tibet Autonomous Region met here Wednesday with members of the French National Assembly and officials of the French Foreign Ministry. (CNS Photo)

A delegation from China's Tibet Autonomous Region met with members of the French National Assembly and officials of the French Foreign Ministry in Paris on Wednesday.

Led by Legqog, director of the Standing Committee of Tibet Autonomous Region People's Congress (legislature), the delegation enjoyed a friendly and comprehensive exchange of views with representatives from the French National Assembly's France-China Friendship Group.

Legqog introduced Tibet's huge economic, social and cultural changes after the democratic reform, and expounded on issues of interest to the French side, including the preservation of Tibetan culture, environmental protection, women's status and the national autonomous system.

Legqog invited the French representatives to visit Tibet to experience the region first-hand and obtain comprehensive knowledge of the region.

Michel Herbillon, chairman of the France-China Friendship Group, said Tibet has achieved remarkable progress over the past 50 years. He appreciated the form of direct dialogue between France and China.

During a meeting with Paul Jean-Ortiz, director of the French Foreign Ministry's bureau for Asian and Australian affairs, Legqog disclosed the status quo of social stability and economic development in Tibet, and discussed methods to improve communication and understanding with the French side.

The French director said the Chinese delegation helped improve his knowledge about the situation in Tibet. He said France cherished its friendship with China and has been closely following the development of Tibet. He proposed enhanced communication between the two countries on various topics, including Tibet for better mutual understanding, vibrant ties and promoted bilateral cooperation.

The Chinese delegation arrived in Paris after concluding its visit to Britain.

Source: Xinhua

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