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11:06 Dec 04 2009

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Automatic weather station set up in Hoh Xil Nature Reserve
11:05, December 04, 2009  

Animals find food on a grassland in the Hoh Xil Nature Reserve, the home to rare plateau species. ( Photo)

An automatic weather station has been built in the Hoh Xil Nature Reserve, northwest China's Qinghai Province, according to the Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Bureau.

Covering an area of 225 sq m, the station with 1.7-m-tall fences, will be able to monitor seven meteorological factors, including the temperature, air pressure, precipitation, and wind speed.

Processing and saving data each hour, the station will be essential to future research on the climate change in the Hoh Xil Nature Reserve.

The Hoh Xil Nature Reserve, located at 4,600 m above sea level on the hinterland of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, has a great impact on the ecological environment of the region.

Source: Qinghai Daily/Xinhuanet

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