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15:30 Dec 08 2009

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Money grabbing monk Dalai Lama: 1,000 yuan tickets for lecture
15:20, December 08, 2009  

The Dalai Lama visited Australia again December 1. On December 2, he gave his first open lecture in Australia at the Sydney Entertainment Center.

1 ticket for the lecture costs 1,000 yuan

30 minutes before the beginning of the lecture, the reporter spent 175 Australian Dollars (1,100 yuan) for a ticket, and even so the seat was quite far away. Even a ticket for a wonderful performance at the Sydney Opera House does not cost so much, and the high price discouraged many people. When the lecture started, at least half the seats remained empty.

However an organizer of the lecture said in his closing speech, "The ticket income has exceeded our expectations and can cover all expenses."

The reporter roughly calculated the ticket income. If nearly 5,000 people were present at the lecture, with those complimentary tickets excluded, the total ticket income should exceed 750,000 Australian dollars. The Dalai Lama will also visit New Zealand and will give a total of five open lectures. It's no wonder that he has "lecture mania" around the world.

A slow start tested the audience's patience

Aside from buying the high-priced lecture tickets, the audience also needed to have enough patience for the Dalai Lama's lecture. The admission time was scheduled for 12:30pm with the lecture due to formally start at 1pm in the afternoon. Having passed fussy security procedures such as bag and body searches, the audience discovered the door to the lecture hall locked and were then informed that they could not enter until 1:30pm, but they may "walk around and buy some books and souvenirs." Was it another carefully managed "money-making" ploy?

Overseas Chinese protest Dalai's visit to Australia<<<

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