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10:18 Dec 09 2009

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Birth place of Songtsan Gambo to open in June next year
10:17, December 09, 2009  

Photo shows the entrance of the birth place of Songtsan Gambo. (China Tibet Information Center Photo)

The birth place scenic spot of Songtsan Gambo located in Gyiamar village has completed the body construction. Songtsan Gambo Memorial with the total area of 4,000 square meters plans to open for visitors in June, 2010.

Zhang Yixin, secretary of the Communist Party of Medrogungkar County said:" The Gyiamar scenic area with 6 projects such as Songtsan Gambo Memorial, ancient city wall, Songtsan holy fountain and Songtsan Lacan has almost completed the main constructions. Songtsan Gambo Memorial covering 4 aspects with 12 exhibition halls shows the glorious ages in political, economic, and cultural aspects of Tubo Kingdom in the 7th century.

Songtsan birthplace scenic spot will help people know more about the king of Tubo Kingdom and experience the Tibetan history and culture. As estimated, the yearly tickets revenue will reach 10 million yuan after the normal operation.

Songtsan Gambo, the founder of Tubo kingdom, was born in Gyiamar village of Medrogungkar County, 60 kilometers away from Lhasa.

During his reigning period, Songtsan brought Buddhism to the Tibetans, create characters, standardized the weights and measures. In 641 AD, he built up the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and Ramoche Monastery to marry Princess Wencheng of Tang Dynasty.

Source: China Tibet Information Center

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