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17:04 Dec 10 2009

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Being faddish tourists in Tibet: Eight must-see spots in Lhasa (Part-1)
15:24, December 09, 2009  

If you have ever set foot in Lhasa, you should know that only touring this place once in your life time is far from enough. Lhasa is not the same as it used to be, though it is still mysterious. Besides words such as "holy" and "pure," words such as "modern" and "fashionable" can also be used to describe Lhasa. If you want to experience Lhasa's slow pace of life, you should not ignore the following eight places.

1. Chang (wine made from highland barley) bars

After fermenting for two days, the early morning is the time when the Chang (wine made from highland barley) of Tashi Tsering's house tastes best. The residents come to buy the Chang from the courtyards of Barkhor Street form an endless stream. Tashi Tsering is the son of a peasant family, and was a singing and dancing performer in the Kashag Aulic Troup when he was a boy. Then, he kept fighting against his fate, and became a scholar after studying in India and the U.S. After returning to Tibet, he is engaged in helping the children of Tibet's poverty-stricken areas to go to school. His life is actually a literary work full of circuitous and beautiful stories.

In a small courtyard in Muruningba, to the east of the Jokhang Temple, the Chang in the old man Lobsang's house is just as mellow as Tashi Tsering's. The only regrettable difference is that the output of the old man's Chang is not large, and the Chang he produces everyday is usually sold out in the afternoon. I call the old man Lobsang the "last tap dancer of Lhasa," because he was an early student of the scholar from the Tibet University Sonam Dajie Shrukhang, as well as an inheritor of the "Dui Xie" tap dance. In Lhasa, a lot of people can perform the "Dui Xie" tap dance, but the old man is the only person who inherited all of the 120 varieties of tap dances.

Being faddish tourists in Tibet: Eight must-see spots in Lhasa (Part-2)

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