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16:04 Dec 09 2009

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To celebrate romantic Valentine's Day in Tibet
16:04, December 09, 2009  

Photo shows the Tibetan children are wearing the new festival clothes. (China Tibet Information Center Photo)

The third Polar Tibetan New Year's Feast Folk Festival will kick off on Feb 14, which is also the Chinese Spring Festival and Valentine's Day.

This activity co-sponsored by Tibet Tourism Bureau, Lhasa Tourism Bureau, Nyingchi Tourism Bureau and Xigaze Bureau will invite 2010 tourists at home and abroad to experience the grand festival in Tibet.

Various activities such as to fry "Kasai", paint lucky symbol, sacrifice with "Chemar" (a box containing Tsampa), taste "Gutu", watch horse racing and other Tibetan traditional performances will leave tourists fantastic impressions on this special day.

Source: China Tibet Information Center

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