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10:54 Dec 10 2009

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Nutrition food donated for Tibetan children
10:53, December 10, 2009  

The donation ceremony of the nutrition food "VitaMeal". (China Tibet Information Center Photo)

A donation activity of children's nutrition food "VitaMeal" sponsored by Tibet Women's Federation is carrying on in Tajie Primary School of Dagze County. 215 boxes of "VitaMeal" with the total value of 200,000 yuan have been handed out for local Tibetan students.

A teacher of Tajie Primary School said:" At present, more than 160 students have meals at school. We would like to provide the VitaMeal with breakfast for these children in order to boost their bodies' resistance power. We really appreciate the concerns from Tibet Women's Federation."

VitaMeal as the nutritious food overcoming malnutrition can provide 22 essential vitamins and minerals for children. It is beneficial for brain development and increasing the body's resistance power. Up to now, a total of 140,000 children have participated in the "VitaMeal" activities all over the country.

Source: China Tibet Information Center

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