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15:50 Dec 10 2009

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Grandma to be candidate of 'Great People Inspiring China'
15:50, December 10, 2009  

Photo shows the sering Chodron, a 99-year-old grandma of Sharpa ethnic group. (China Tibet Information Center Photo)

Tsering Chodron, a 99-year-old grandma of Sharpa ethnic group, was born in Nylam township. In old Tibet, Tsering Chodron as a serf had to suffer the exploitation and oppression under feudal serfdom system without any human rights. In 1960, her miserable life ended thanks to the Democratic Reform in Tibet. Four years later, she joined the Communist Party of China.

On the morning of National Holiday in 1965, Tsering Chodron raised Chinese national flag at her hut for the first time. Since then, she persists in raising national flag at her home for 14,000 days in 41 years.

Chodron said:" I'm getting old, the only thing I can do is to raise our national flag everyday to express my devotion to our Communist Party and our great motherland. "

Source: China Tibet Information Center

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