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09:35 Dec 11 2009

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Children aged 6.5 may enter primary schools in Lhasa
09:34, December 11, 2009  

Photo taken on Dec. 5, 2008 shows primary school pupils in Lhasa, capital of Tibet, study in a modern class. (China Tibet Information Center Photo)

Children over the age of six and a half in Lhasa, capital of Tibet, can be enrolled by the city's primary schools in line with children's conditions, according to Tibet Evening News.

The Ministry of Education denied the media report that the children aged six can be enrolled into schools. According to the regulations of the Ministry of Education, children at the schooling age are usually seven years old or older.

However, many children who were not born in September usually can't exactly meet the age requirement as the enrollment time falls in September. Primary schools in Lhasa tackle the problem in a flexible way as mentioned above.

A director of No.1 Primary School in Lhasa said many children under the age of six generally cannot follow the curriculum in terms of intelligence, physique and psychology based on the long teaching experiences. Their parents are advised to educate their kids step by step, not quickening the pace.

It is no good to develop children's intelligence and other skills ahead of time, which will retard their healthy growth, according to educators.

Source: Xinhua

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