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09:45 Dec 11 2009

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Tibetans say goodbye to black tents
09:44, December 11, 2009  

File photo shows Qimei Tsering, head of the Zongrege Village tells about the changes of the village. (Tibet Daily Photo)

The housing projects have elicited swift effects in Tibet ---local Tibetans move into new houses and say goodbye to the former black tents in northern Tibet.

Great changes for villagers in Zongrege can be easily found by the differences between the bright new houses and ropey old houses.

Qudun, a local villager showed us in his 200 sq.m. big house decorated with Tibetan elements and modern furniture. Divided into several rooms for living room, bedroom, kitchen and storeroom, the house is capacious equipped with TV set, telephone, washing machine and sound recorder.

Everything was quite different before the 1980s. At that time, local herders in northern Tibet all lived in black tents which are used for temporary resting place as those tents have been replaced by stone-and-wood houses.

Up to now, only half of the villagers still have new-type tents and Tibetan herders have realized the settlement, according to Qimei Tsering.

Qudun sides with Qimei Tsering by expressing his satisfaction to current life. Since the implement of housing project, about 80% households in Zongrege Village have moved into new houses. Take Qudun's family for example, living in a 200 sq.m new house, Qudun owns some 3,000 mu meadow and can yearly get about 90,000 yuan income.

Source: China Tibet Information Center

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