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11:14 Dec 14 2009

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China to redouble support to protect classics works in Tibet
11:13, December 14, 2009  

Photo taken on March 26, 2008, shows a Tibetan scholar sorting up Tibetan classic works at the Tibet Autonomous Regional Academy of Social Sciences. (Xinhua Photo)

China's Central Government will intensify its support and aid to the protection of the classic works in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, according to a recently-released notice.

The notice was jointly issued by eight central departments including the Mministry of Culture, the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, the General Administration of Press and Publication, the State Administration of Religious Affairs, and the State Administration of Cultural Heritagee.

China has about one million sets of classic works,two thirds of which are stored up in Tibet. However, due to various reasons including the professional shortages, no comprehensive survey of the ancient works has been conducted ever.

According to the notice, Tibet will conduct a thorough and systematic survey of the classics and introduce a more comprehensive system for protecting such works.

The notice also states that by 2015 the survey and registration of the Tibetan classics will have been completed. A repair center for such classics at the national level will be built and so is a data base for the full text of the classics.

The eight central departments will also set up a special fund for the protection project.

Source: Xinhua

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