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10:15 Dec 15 2009

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Tibetan students grow up happily in inland vocational schools
10:14, December 15, 2009  

Photo shows students from the Tibetan-inhabited areas in southwest China's Sichuan Province having an English class in a vocational school. (Sichuan Daily Photo)

About 10,000 students from the Tibetan-inhabited areas in southwest China's Sichuan Province have been studying in vocational schools for free in the province's cities of Chengdu, Luzhou, and Deyang since September.

Sichuan Province launched in September a free education program for the students in its Tibetan-inhibited areas.

Teachers and Han students of those schools have tried their best to help the Tibetan students get accustomed to the life in inland areas and make them feel at home.

The Shehong Vocational School, Shehong County, Suining, has begun broadcasting Tibetan songs and set up one-to-one-assistance team between Tibetan students and teachers or Han students.

During holidays, the Tibetan students will be invited to the homes of their partner teachers or classmates.

Moreover, the school has established a Tibetan students' leadership to improve the students' organizing and management ability.

The Zhugen Vocational School in Leshan City has held a collective birthday party for the Tibetan students. In this way, the Tibetan students got used to their current life and made friends with many Han students.

Considering that the Tibetan students are outgoing and good at singing and dancing, these schools have organized various sports, artistic and ethnic knowledge contests to enrich their extracurricular life.

Source: Sichuan Daily/Xinhuanet

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