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09:38 Dec 16 2009

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Large-scale winter mountaineering training held in Tibet
09:36, December 16, 2009  

The mountaineers from Tibet Mountaineer Training School are ready for morning exercises. (Xinhua Photo)

A one-month winter mountaineering training is carrying on in Tibet and will be finished on Dec 30.

Over 130 mountaineers from Tibet Mountaineering team, Tibet Mountaineering Training Center and Tibet Shengshan Adventure Company took part in this winter training.

Every day, all the mountaineers have mountaineering theory lessons in the morning and physical trainings in the afternoon. Over 10 professors from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen as well as the Tibet Autonomous Region Meteorological Bureau, Foreign Affairs Office, Tibet University and Tibet Autonomous Region People's Hospital have been invited to give lectures about mountain medicine, training skills, discipline of foreign affairs, and comprehensive knowledge of environmental protection.

Source: China Tibet Information Center
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