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10:08 Dec 17 2009

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The Dalai Lama's unreligious life in India
09:11, December 17, 2009  

After living in Mussoorie, India for a year, the Dalai Lama moved to Dharamsala in April 1960. Dharamsala was an unknown place at that time. Earlier, it was a British colony and the Brits had once planned to build it into a summer resort and even planned to select it as the capital of Himachal Pradesh. But in 1905, it was hit by an earthquake which destroyed the church bell tower and therefore, the plans had to be delayed. Up to now the Dalai Lama has lived in Dharamsala for 50 years.

Dharamsala's climate is quite similar to Lhasa's, and it is usually referred to as "small Lhasa." However, the streets here are dirty and disorderly. A foreign reporter once wrote that the roads are abrupt, steep and narrow. Some can only accommodate one car and often have many sharp turns. Road surfaces are made of rubble and mud, and are not hard enough.The streets are usually quite dirty, and it has deeply disappointed many pilgrims. Iron sheets are used to construct many of the schoolhouses, and the houses are usually very short. In the classrooms,the lights are dim and it feels quite spooky.

Besides his frequent overseas visits,the Dalai Lama's daily life every year mainly ncludes two parts, "political affairs" and Buddhism study. He usually studies in the morning,and receives visitors or handles the "political affairs" in the afternoon.It is said that his servants planted many American flowers and fruits in his residence garden, and paved a small road there as well.

Affected by the propaganda of the Dalai Clique, a small number of people wrongly believed that they would no longer need to worry about food and clothes in Dharamsala.To avoid legal punishment, criminal suspects climbed snow-capped mountains and risked their lives to get there. However,once they arrived at Dharamsala through illegal immigration, they will be strictly interrogated with torture by the Dalai Clique, and many of them had to confess to false charges under torture and were put in jail.

When the Dalai Lama "met with" Tibetan people in the past, he prayed for blessings by touching their heads.Today, he rarely does this as he is afraid that some people may smear poison on their heads.Some Tibetan men cannot bear the hardship after traveling there,so they look for "targets" on the streets every day, attempting to meet and marry women from Europe, the U.S.or China's Taiwan to secure legal identities.

In terms of food and drink, the Dalai Lama believes that it is ideal for temples to eat only food raised from the outside world,but the idea is impractical for his circumstance. The Dalai Lama once suffered from serious hepatitis in his early years, so he took doctors'advice to eat a meat diet.

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