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14:34 Dec 24 2009

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Painting series on Tibetan mastiff issued in New York
09:35, December 21, 2009  

The painter Lin Yun on the ceremony for his florilegium "An oriental master of paintings on the Tibetan mastiff: Lin Yue's Oiling Painting Series", photo from CNS on December 18. 2009. (CNS Photo)

An oil painting series focusing on Tibetan mastiff was issued by an oriental painter, Lin Yun in Manhattan, New York on December 18 which showed the loyalty and amicability of Tibetan mastiff in his eight group paintings.

Lin also wrote down words to tell of touching stories between dogs and human being.

Graduated from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, Lin Yue has paid much attention to the living environment and fate of Tibetan mastiff which became his lifetime painting topic in last some twenty years.

Tibetan mastiff is the original rare dog living on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. "The holy mountain and water of the western plateau inspires my painting and I am shocked at the vital force of Tibetan mastiff to fight against the rigorous environment; I am amazed at his canniness and braveness; I am moved by his spirit for safeguarding his master and kindness to human being. So my oil paintings for the original description of Tibetan mastiff are showing my praise towards Tibetan mastiff," Lin said. "And I want to show my respect and passion to life."

"Publishing the works in the USA and inviting Lin Yue to visit the State, We want to show the mien of oriental Tibetan mastiff painter to the western people. We just want to promote Lin's reputation and international influence," according to Bing Lin, chief editor of New York Commercial Publishing House.

Some 50 people including Dong Dingshan, a Chinese-American writer, Li Maozong, a Tao Yi master and some other celebrities attended the opening ceremony.

Together with his wife Liu Ling, Lin Yue arrived in the USA on December 12.

Source: China Tibet Information Center

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