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17:15 Dec 25 2009

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Ngapoi Ngawang Jigme's daughter: He had no regret
17:15, December 25, 2009  

China National Radio had an interview with Ngapoi Ngawang Jigme's daughter Ngapoi Tsewang who is still in great pain.

Reporter: Ngapoi Ngawang Jigme is a great man who made great contribution to ethnic solidarity and national unity. It's said that you were the only child that he brought from Tibet to Beijing when he came to Beijing to sign the "17 Point Agreement". How old were you then? Can you tell us something about it?

Ngapoi Tsewang: I was only four or five years old at that time and I didn't remember. I just knew that I came to Beijing with my parents. After I entered school in Beijing, I learnt that my father had taken part in a major event in the history, as known as signing the "17 Point Agreement" for peaceful liberation in Tibet.

Reporter: We know that it was quite a difficult procedure for signing the "17 Point Agreement". At the beginning, some separatists in Tibet wanted to split Tibet from China, and Ngapoi was the first and the only one who made a different voice. Why your father had made such decision?

Ngapoi Tsewang: Because he knows Tibetan history very well. Tibet has long been a part of China since the 13th Century. He respects this fact, that's why he holds his stand.

Reporter: Whenever we mention Ngapoi, we focus on his official nature. Could you tell us something about him in everyday life? As a daughter, how do you judge your father?

Ngapoin Tsewang: I find he's very kindly. He sets up examples for others with both precept and practice. He's fair and square. Despite the fact that he was born in old Tibet (as a noble), he never put on airs to others, he's always nice and easy going, which is the reason that all the people around respect him very much.

Reporter: We learn that your father plays Bridge very well, did he often play cards with Deng Xiaoping before?

Ngapoi Tsewang: Yes, they did.

Reporter: When did they meet for the first time? Did they contact frequently?

Ngapoi Tsewang: They had had contact as early as in 1951 when Deng Xiaoping, who was head of the PLA Southwest Millitary Region to welcome representatives from Chongqing.

Reporter: Do you think there is any regret left behind for Ngapoi?

Ngapoi Tsewang: I believe that he didn't regret for anything he had done in his entire life.

Source:China Tibet Information Center

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